Virgin Coconut Oil


Organic coconut virgin oil is unique and has been proclaimed as one of the healthiest oils that could be used.
coconut oil is extracted from coconuts, harvested from gardens in Sri Lanka. virgin coconut oil is obtained by a mechanical process without subjecting in to any chemical changes and it is produced when the meat is matured and then cold pressed and applying a mild heat treatment not exceeding 1400F (600C), which have been purified by physical process such as filtration. Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids and out of which most are saturated fatty acids.
Virgin coconut oil is suitable for frying, baking or for general cooking & is a suitable alternative to margarine. it is suitable for vegans & those with special dietary needs.

Product Information

Technical Name Virgin Coconut Oil
Product ID RP120VCO01
Ingredients 100% Pure Coconut oil.
Flavor Natural aroma of coconut oil, Free from off flavor including rancidity
Color Crystal clear
Odor Specific to coconut aroma.
Country of Origin Sri Lanka
Certifications Available HACCP,ISO 22000,USDA Organic
Pending Halal and Kosher certification


Virgin Coconut Oil is presented in food grade HDPE plastic barrels of 57.82gal(218.9L).

Product Characteristics

Color Crystal clear
Flavor Natural aroma of coconut oil, Free from off flavor including rancidity
Aroma Specific to coconut aroma

Color 25mm cell on the lovibond color scale in Y+5R; >0.05
Relative Density at 860F(300C) 0.920
Relative index at 1040F(400C) ND
Moisture%[matter volatile at 2210F(1050C)] <0.2
Insoluble impurities% by mass <0.05
Free fatty acids
Iodine Value 6.4
Saponfication Value >255
Unsaponifiable Matter% by mass <0.2
Mineral acidity Nil

Fatty Acid Composition

Method of Test AOAC:1990
Caproic Acid(C6) 0.2%
Caprylic Acid(C8) 7.8%
Capric Acid(C10) 6.5%
Lauric Acid(C12) 50.6%
Myristic(C14) 19.5%
Palmitic Acid(C16) 6.5%
Stearic Acid(C18) 1.9%
Oleic Acid(C18:1) 4.5%
Linoleic Acid(C18:2) 2.5%

Virgin Coconut Oil Nutrition Facts

Typical Nutrition/Per 0.437 fl oz(16ml)
Calories 125 Kcal
Total Fat 14 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 0 mg
Carbohydrate 0 g
Protein 0 mg

Packaging Parameters

Barrel Type Food grade inner HDPE barrel
Barrel Size Diameter 23.6″(600mm), Height 37.8″ (960mm)
Net Volume 57.82gal (218.9L)
Number of Barrels in a Container 50
Total Weight in a Container 2891gal(10943L)/20ft.
Shelf Life
    2 Years from the date of manufacture.
    Under room temperature 790F(260C)
Storage Condition
    VCO start to liquify at 640F(17.70C) and fully liquid by 750F(23.80C).
    Store in cool dry place & out of direct sunlight
    it doesn’t required refrigeration