Organic Coconut Chips (Exotic Spices)

chips_toasted & regular

The coconut meat is then broken into pieces, grated into chips, and toasted in an oven, retaining the best flavor that Ceylon coconuts are known for. These crunchy chips are ideal as a snack, as a topping or to simply add natural goodness and exotic flavor of pure Ceylon coconuts to your meal.

Product Information

Technical Name Coconut Chips – Toasted
Product ID RP180CTX01
Ingredients 100% Pure Coconut Kernel.
Certifications Available HACCP,ISO 22000,USDA Organic
Country of Origin Sri Lanka


Coconut Chips is presented in oil proof, moisture proof food grade polythene bag with an outer corrugated carton of 22 lb (10 kg) s.

Product Characteristics

Color Order Natural White, free from rancidity, musty or objectionable
Flavor Mild and sweet coconut taste with no off-flavor
Aroma Mild
Flavor Fresh natural coconut flavor

Fat Content 65 ± 3 %
Moisture content 3.0 % maximum

Total Plate Count
E.Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative

Packaging Parameters

Bag Type Food grade inner oil proof, moisture proof polythene bag in to outer corrugated carton.
Net Weight 22 lb (10 kg)
Number of Cartons in a Container 925/ 20 ft., 1800/40 ft.
Total Weight in a Container
      20,350 lb (9,250 kg)/20ft
    39,600 lb (18,000 kg)/40 ft.
Shelf Life 1 Year from the date of packing.
Storage Condition The product should be stored in cool dry conditions free from strong odor.