Organic Creamed Coconut


Superior than coconut cream or coconut milk. Creamy consistency much like other nut butters. 100% pure organic coconuts with no additives.
The unique process of making creamed coconut, differentiates it from coconut cream or milk. There are no added chemicals, and minimal heat used retains the minerals, vitamins, and healthy medium chain fatty acids, keeping it alive. Creamed Coconut is a perfect spread and a superior substitute for recipes which require regular coconut cream or milk, such as curries, sauces, desserts and other gourmet dishes.

Product Information

Technical Name Creamed Coconut
Product ID RP131CCR01
Ingredients It is basically a vegetable product of 100% purity.
Flavor Specific to coconut aroma
Color Off White. Creamy, Solidifies at 59.00F (15.00C) FFA – Less than 0.3%
Flavor Natural aroma of concentrated coconut milk; Free from off flavor including rancidity.
Country of Origin Sri Lanka


Creamed Coconut is presented in food grade, glass jar of 482 grams and then 06 no of jars are packed in to a master carton.
Finish product is carefully packed under hygienic condition.
Creamed Coconut is available from both organic and non-organic forms.

Physical and Chemical Standards

Moisture 2.0% max
Total Fat 65.0%
Free Fatty Acids (as Lauric) 0.15% max
PH 6.1 – 6.7

Microbiological Facts

Typical Value Per 100g
Standard Plate Count 5,000 col/g maximum
Mold Count 100 col/g maximum
Yeast Count 100 col/g maximum
Total Coliform Count 10 col/g maximum
Salmonella Negative
E.coli Negative

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Fact Per 100g
Energy 655.00 kcal
Protein 7.50 g
Carbohydrate 9.20 g
Fat 65.40 g

Packaging Parameters

Bag Type Food grade, glass jar of 482 grams and then 06 no of jars are packed in to a master carton.
Net Weight 482 g
Number of Bags in a Container 18,000
Total Weight in a Container 8,676 kg
Shelf Life Creamed Coconut is ambient stable. Its shelf life is two years. It is sold as butter at 73.40F (23 0C).
Storage Condition
    Creamed Coconut should be stored below 73.40F (230C).
    Creamed Coconut is liquefying at 73.40F (230C).
    This is reversible and will not affect the organoleptic properties.