ELA Group of companies is one big family that is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best quality rice, coconut, spice and other specialty ingredients and products from Sri Lanka. Our reach extends from farms and mills to specialty food brands and manufacturers in the United States of America & Canada.
We are constantly researching and developing ways to bring ancient ingredients and recipes to western world while creating a substantial amount of socil good for small farmer coops and supply chain partners such as small and medium scale millers.

ELADC Inc of the United States of America

ELADC Inc., located in Los Angeles, CA, is incorporated as a Delaware corporation. ELADC is dedicated to importing “quality” specialty food ingredients from Sri Lanka. Given the presence in both west and east coast of North America, ELADC Inc is your trusted partner for pallet and container level orders with guaranteed volumes/quantities to match your increasing demand.

ELA Lanka (Pvt) Ltd of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

ELA Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, located in Colombo, Sri Lanka is incorporated as a private limited company. ELA Lanka specialize in sourcing products that are Organic, NON- GMO, Whole-Grain and Fair-Trade certified. ELA Lanka efforts go beyond 3rd party certification standards; it co-invented an independent quality assurance system that covers entire local supply chain from “seeding to sailing” ELA-IQA, Partner with small farmer coops and small & medium scale millers empowering them on quality control and crop selection/cultivation/processing.